How to Follow a Dress Code


Dress codes are usually associated with the workplace and its rules. There are so many jobs that still emphasize on the employee dress code but the strictness varies depending on the work culture. When it comes to social events, dress codes are seldom or rarely followed. There might be some written requests that might mention one or two words about the dress code in the invitation, but it is understood only by few and most of the people don’t get bothered by dress codes anymore. If you are attending an event that requires you to follow certain dress code, then don’t hesitate to read this article. This article acts as a guide to help people with the dress code.

Formal Dress Code

A formal attire in modern times is misunderstood. Formal dress code has a different meaning altogether. If there is a mention of formal attire on the invitation, then the majority of people have to get a new set of clothes or rent one except for the wealthy and upper class people. Men’s formal wear changes based on the time of the day. At day, the formal dress is a morning dress with vest and tailcoat. At night, formal dress means white tie.

Most of the personal events wont request for formal dress code as it would seem unusual. Formal dress codes are followed during diplomatic events, award ceremonies and occasionally, in British sporting events.

Semi-Formal Dress Code

Though the name suggests it as semi-formal, it is also a strict dress code. Semi-formal dress also changes according to the time of the day. While a stroller is appropriate to wear at day time, a black tuxedo ensemble will be great for the evening. Nowadays, we see a lot of people wearing tuxedo during daytime as they do not know the distinction. It might be worth to mention Daytime Semiformal in the Dress code section of the invitation to prevent any form of confusion.

Very few men own tuxedos nowadays as it is used very sparingly. If you get an invitation mentioning about semi-formal dress code, then take your time to rent the appropriate one. Make it clear to the staff at the clothing shop to give a daytime semi-formal attire as not all shops have the perfect semi-formal dress.

Business Dress Code

It is best to wear a dark, solid coloured / pin striped suit as part of T shirts online dress code if the invitation has requested you to. The above suit can be paired with a white shirt, conservative tie and black leather oxfords.

Some acceptable versions at social events during the daytime are a lighter gray suit or dark brown suit. But make sure that a business dress code should be more on the formal side of men’s dress.

But, there is a small twist here. If the invitation mentions as suits and ties for men, then lighter colours are acceptable. These kind of dress codes are usually followed for light occasions like brunches.

Business Casual

This is the most common phrase worded differently in different places. The conventional Business Casual for men is a navy blue blazer with gray slacks or khakis. It is also called the California Suit. As the word Casual is part of the wording, one can apply a lot of flexibility to the way they dress. While the dressiest look are obtained with Blazers and Sports Jackets, sweaters and dress shirts without a top layer are dressed down versions.

A minimally dressed business casual requires at the least slacks or khakis and a shirt with collar. Also, a leather shoe and socks to match the dress.

Casual Dress

Casual Dresses are more open but still there is a certain code for that too. While ties are not needed as part of this dress code, a casual jacket can be worn to give a good look. Jeans are also acceptable in Casual Dress codes but make sure to wear dark and well-fitted jeans without rips and tears. Leather shoes and collared shirts are still the preferred ones.

Casual Dress code is for more relaxed events but still get dressed in a way to show that you have put an effort.

Got an idea about the dressing codes to attend a social event? It is so easy once you understand it.



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